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EAC Blog


Over the past week, some of our Evanston Art Center interns interviewed an artist from our Evanston Biennial exhibition that caught their eye. 


Learn more below about: Tamara Fraser, Heather Green, Mary Petrine Livoni, and Rachel Sanfilippo.


Tamara Fraser

Interviewed by Leah Spears

Posted by: 
Alyssa Brubaker

Meet the Artists: Evanston Made Exhibit

Over the past week, some of our Evanston Art Center interns interviewed an artist from our Evanston Made Exhibit that caught their eye. 

Learn more below about: Vanessa Filley, Stephen Murphy, Kristen Neveu, Jevoid Simmons and Dorit Jordan Dotan. 


First is an interview with Lisa Degliantoni, the creator of Evanston Made.

How did Evanston Made start, what was the inspiration for the project?

Posted by: 
Madison Linnen

Meet Artist In Residence: Pedro Velez

Posted by: 
Madison Linnen

WCIU - Around the Block in Evanston

We loved having Jon Hansen with You & Me (WCIU) at the Evanston Art Center this week. Watch him create some art in our Ceramics Studio with our very own Mollie Morris and Paula Danoff.



Posted by: 
Dana Chen

Sheila Oettinger: “A Life Making Sculpture in Clay”

Image: Sheila Oettinger, “Boundaries of the Mind."
It is easy to overlook the power of hand and body gestures in an age of instant communication. Today’s society relies on texts, tweets and posts. But Sheila Oettinger’s sculpture exhibition, “A Life Making Sculpture in Clay,” at the Evanston Art Center was a reminder of how compelling the human body is.
“My work reflects a long standing commitment to explore new and innovative ways to represent the human figure in sculpture,” Oettinger says. It is a point made clear in her recent exhibition of about 50 clay sculptures. The one-floor show featured several sculptural series, including her figurative sculpture reliefs and contemporary realism sculptures. Together, the series revealed the artist’s lifelong fascination with the human figure. At the same time, it was interesting to see the transition in her work. This proved to be the most striking aspect of the show.  
Posted by: 
Amy Haddad

Art Reflecting our Amalgamated World

Image: (Left) Verena Brassel, "Old Script of the Qumran."  (Right) Verena Brassel, "History of Qumran.”
America has long been referred to as a melting pot. This fusion of diversity is reflected in Chicago, America’s third largest city.  You may work with Poles, Germans or Asians, then dine at one of the many Middle Eastern, Chinese or Mediterranean restaurants found throughout the city.  On any given day, Chicagoans may feel blended into our amalgamated world. But examining Verena Brassel’s paintings in her exhibition, “Expressions From Ancient Roots: A Spiritual Journey,” at the Evanston Art Center (EAC), just north of Chicago, reveals a fresh perspective on the subject of merging cultures and histories.
Image: Verena Brassel, "Stardust."
Posted by: 
Amy Haddad

Review: The EAC’s “Winter Arts & Crafts Expo”

If you are looking for distinct gifts this holiday season, look no further. The 13th annual “Winter Arts & Crafts Expo”—one of Chicagoland’s largest craft shows—opened this past weekend at the Evanston Art Center (EAC). Running through December 20th, the Expo features the work of more than 100 artists and craftsmen.
The holiday music playing in the background will spark your holiday cheer, while meandering between tables filled with jewelry, ceramics and glass pieces. Gaze up to see the innumerable artworks gracing the walls. Although there are plenty of items to choose from, the arrangements are not overwhelming. Rather they are tastefully organized, and highlight some of this year’s most striking pieces.
Posted by: 
Amy Haddad

Art After Five - Highland Park

On November 6, members of the Evanston Art Center (EAC) and their guests are invited to attend the upcoming Art After Five event, a private art collection that includes Pre-Columbian art at a Highland Park residence. Other collection highlights include African, Oceanic, Southwest Asian and Native American art, along with antiquities and Chinese pieces. It’s an evening merging art and architecture, since this extensive private collection is in a home designed by architect John S. Van Bergen, who worked for Frank Lloyd Wright for several years.
Posted by: 
Amy Haddad

Review: Works from around our State

Daniel Josh, “Spiked.”
What kind of artworks are Illinois artists producing? It’s a relevant question, since the city of Evanston recently hosted the ninth iteration of the One State Together in the Arts conference, a biennial event bringing together creative and art professionals from around Illinois. The conversation continues at the Evanston Art Center (EAC) with an aptly titled exhibition, “Works from around our State.”  
Harold Bauer, a Trustee and student at the EAC, came up with the idea of showcasing artists from around the state. Then, the EAC contacted Illinois-based universities, each of which selected two faculty members and two students to participate in the exhibition. Contributors hail from a dozen universities, from Knox College to Lake Forest College. Cara Feeney, curator of the show, explained the focus was to open up the exhibition to universities outside Chicago. “It just seemed a little bit more interesting to have these artists that we don’t know and bring them into our community here,” she added.  
Posted by: 
Amy Haddad

Ikebana: The Art of Flower Arrangement

Example of an Ikebana arrangement. Photo: courtesy of Yuko Inoue Darcy.
The Evanston Art Center offers several Ikebana courses taught by Yuko Inoue Darcy this fall. Ikebana, a centuries old Japanese art of flower arranging, transforms plant and flower materials into beautiful and elegant expressions. Students taking one of these classes will create arrangements and learn skills relevant to this practice.
Ikebana is a creative mode of expression bringing together nature and harmony in a disciplined art form. More than merely placing flowers together, Ikebana practitioners are attune to the setting, container and materials used to create a congruous arrangement. This being so, the beginners-level class Darcy will teach starting September 8 at the EAC is aptly titled, “Ikebana: The Art of Flower Arrangement.”  
Posted by: 
Amy Haddad