Artwork Review: Cole Pierce, "257 (Again and Again)"

Again and Again
2022, 65" x 65", Acrylic on canvas












This painting is overwhelming in its towering size, intense color saturation, and number of repetitive yet unique geometric arrangements. From further back, the color scheme recalls a sunset, if a sunset were hanging upside down and textured in circles and squares. This primary color scheme transitions from blue to red, to yellow in an engagingly diverse way, though my eyes always follow the pattern upward. The bright yellow at the top of the painting feels euphoric. Pierce adds further interest through his incorporation of lighter tones and use of light outline on some shapes.

This surface was created through layering of color gradients of paint, masking geometric grids onto the canvas. It is a relief as well as a painting. In Pierce’s words, this layering process makes the texture of the final process “unpredicted.” This spontaneous quality shows: though the work is so carefully and tightly composed, the surface looks alive. I could look at this painting for much longer than l did. In his artist statement, Pierce explains his paintings as “investigation[s] into the phenomenon of vision.” That feels like a very wonderful and personal goal. It is a goal very apparent in this work: this painting plays tricks on my expectations and forces me to slow down and look deeply, making me grateful for my eyes.

Cole Pierce’s work is on display in the Nelli Bar & Paul Wieghardt Gallery until April 10th, 2022. 

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Eli Kosinski