Sophie Fairmont, our newest EAC Intern, joins us from Boulder, CO, and writes about her first impressions of interning at the Art Center below:

The moment I walked into the Art center I knew I would love it. I was greeted with a warm hug from Paula, who generously and kindly took me under her wing. Art pieces glimmered from sunbeams, and the big roomed slowly became a meeting pace for friends to catch up. Everyone I met greeted me with a warm welcome, and big smile. My nervousness soon disappeared.

My first task was to help Alex Ulichny sew fishing wire onto shapes. Kindly, Alex showed me what to do and then left his artwork in my hands. Laughter and voices echoed through each room as we continued to work. It was incredible to be able to work hands on with an artist. I never thought I would be able to do that, but the people at the Evanston Art Center put their trust in me and let me help.

Each art piece is unique and beautiful. Something I noticed was that the people are allowed to express themselves in their art. Not only were the artists allowed to be who they  are, but so were the other interns and employees. The unspoken freedoms brings an amazing group of different people into one space to work together. This is what creates the community.

When I left I was so excited to return the next day and work in an incredible place with incredible artists and people.


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Sophie Fairmont
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