Katie, one of our EAC Interns, writes about her first day at the Evanston Art Center, and her favorite artwork on display in the gallery:

On my first day here at the Art Center, I worked with my fellow interns in the room that housed Holly Wong’s exhibit. Wong is an artist from San Francisco, California whose art aims to reflect the history of women with the integration of traditional and non-traditional sewing techniques. Her works include a variety of lightweight and layered materials, such as tulle, thread, and organzanza that create pieces which appear to be multi-layered and weightless. One that particularly caught my eye was Silent Music, which was hung directly in front of the second floor window. This piece seemed to be a combination of multicolored cellophane and film and was suspended in air. Throughout the whole piece there was a current of red surrounded by light yellow, pink, and blue fragments. As this red current was consistently present throughout the piece and seemed to weave among the multi-colored fragments, I was able to see the influences of traditional and non-traditional sewing that Wong included to hint at the history of women. This woven aspect was very interesting to note in almost all of her pieces here at the EAC. Also, given that Silent Music was hung in front of the window, the sunlight coming in really enhanced the colors, textures, and different layers of the piece, giving it a glimmer and making it multidimensional. Overall, I believe that the colors and placement of this piece made it an extremely interesting and dynamic piece to look at and enjoy.

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Katie Kelsh
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