Hello. I’m Jeffrey from Shenzhen University, China. For three weeks, I will be in Evanston Art Center as an intern. Here I’d like to talk about two wonderful artwork both about Lake Michigan.


Leah Durst, Lake Michigan Sunset, 2018

Shared by five U.S. states including Illinois, it is the second-largest of the Great Lakes by volume. The first day when I came to Evanston, my host family took me to Lake Michigan. Coincidentally this art piece named Lake Michigan Sunset impressed me immediately.


How the oil painting strikes me is the well-used color. It describes the sunset of Lake Michigan but we won’t see the red sun shining through the whole sea face. Little light yellow used and combing with big areas of blue, it still gives a prominent place to the scene of sunset.


Focus on the sea surface, I notice that the blue became lighter and lighter ornamented by sunlight. Leah Durst has great skills to show us the waves and the wind. In the sky, I can feel the line becomes gentle and continuous which contrasts to the underneath part.

目光集中在这个海平面上,我注意到蓝色从进到远由深变浅。阳光点缀在海中。Leah Drust运用高超地技巧向我们展示湖中地浪与湖上地风。天空与大海相比,线条更柔软而且连续了。

This is not the calm Lake Michigan. The coldness which is expressed by the large-scale blue seems restricts the glow. If I can hopping into this scenery, I will surely be deeply moved by the vast of this lake.


Michele Epps, Lake Michigan, 2018

By contrast, Lake Michigan by Michele Epps has a close shot. The beach, the distance sea and sky are in sketch while the waves are highlighted. The wave is so powerful that it visibly comes out of the paper. Maybe this is why Michele uses more materials to draw the waves.

与之相反的是,Michele Epps的《密歇根湖》选取近景描绘。作者粗略表现海滩、远处的海与天空,而突出近处的海浪。海浪很有力量似乎要冲出纸面。我想这就是为什么Michele画海浪时用了更多的颜料。

FINALLY, I am really excited that I can work here with this nice team. My manager Paula is a perfectly kind person who gave me a warm hug when I came and helped release my tension. I should say that even this is the first day I am in Evanston Art Center, I thoroughly fall in love with this place.


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