Blair, our  EAC Intern from Shanghai, China, writes about her last day at the Evanston Art Center and what she learned as an intern. Thank you for all your help, Blair!

As an intern of  Evanston Art Center, during these four weeks, I learned a lot. I learned how to post a blog, hand out posters, collect pictures and so on. Before, I was not a person who pursue perfection of anything, while after the experience here, I care more about what I do. Thanks to the help from Paula, Jen, Cara and Ashleigh which made me not nervous and enjoy the moments working in EAC.

I should not only thank to the chance that I got here to improve myself, but feel grateful for the eye-opening for me. I am pretty sure that this experience will make my life different. I feel touched seeing everyone here work hard for the art industry and I hope EAC will get better and better in the future.

Thanks a lot.

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Blair Shen