Xavier, one of our EAC Interns, writes about his first day at the Evanston Art Center, and his favorite artwork on display in the gallery:

Superior and Ontario by Curtis Anthony Bozif

Born from the city of St. Louis, Curtis Bozif is a painter who caught my attention my first day at the art center. The big paintings and the detailed texture was something that I could not see on other paintings. Curtis’s inspiration in his painting was to provide a texture that would change the image when moving your position near the painting. 

As a student, I believe that music is something that helps you with your creativity and workflow. Curtis believes the same “I think music is important to a lot of painters because painting is a solitary activity that requires a lot of time and attention. Having something to listen to can help prevent loneliness, help you pass the time, and help you to focus.” (2019 Create magazine article). Being able to paint for hours and keep a positive mindset is something I admire about artists because of the level of dedication it requires.

Curtis Anthony Bozif, Ontario, 2019
Curtis Anthony Bozif, Superior, 2019
















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