Today was my first day volunteering here, although I have been involved with the Evanston Art Center before. During my sophomore year, my peers and I worked with the Evanston Art Center and ETHS’s Emerge Leadership Program to organize a show that exhibited around 17 young Evanston Artists. I am currently a senior in high school, and when I entered the center on Tuesday afternoon I was greeted with the same welcoming and reassuring energy that I remembered from two years ago.

Harvey Choldin, Junk Heap, 2018

Walking around the gallery, I was met with absolutely stellar works from incredible artists. One of the pieces that stood out to me was Junk Heap, an acrylic painting by Harvey Choldin. This painting’s smart color scheme is what first caught my eye, a balance of warm hues against a palette of blues. This piece also has a fantastic composition and uses a brilliant variety of brush strokes.

I am excited to continue spending my Tuesday afternoons at the Evanston Art Center, immersed in it’s kind and creative atmosphere :)

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