Doug DeWitt’s exhibit on display at the Evanston Art Center has a beautifully dark and entrancing way about it.  The seemingly endless rings in the center of a dark wall hanging of “I did not know Marissa” resembles some sort of black hole, or other dimension that the viewer can’t quite comprehend.  The title leaves me curious about the context of this piece, and the emotional significance that it has in DeWitt’s life. I love the colors used in these pieces. The earth tones have a softness that contrast the starkness of the white circles on the black canvas.  In their piece “borrowed harmony”, the wood mount further exaggerates the earth tones and materials that add an organic softness to the pieces. The chaos of the white circles is centered by the piece’s wooden mount, and gives the piece a necessary context. I am impressed by the variety in materials used in these pieces. From the wood, to the textures of the canvas, to the white rings, there is a really interesting variety in mediums. I would love to see more of this artist’s work, and learn more about the materials used to make these pieces.

Doug DeWitt, I did not know Marissa, 2019


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Sydney C.