Refunds and other Policies


Tuition is refundable for Adult and YFA (Youth Fine Arts) classes, minus a processing fee for each class dropped, only if the Director of IT and Administration, [email protected], is notified by or on the next working day after the first class has met. Workshop fees (minus a processing fee) are refundable up until one week prior to the program. If the Director of IT and Administration is notified at least one week prior to the scheduled start date, a processing fee of $50 is charged for dropping adult classes, YFA classes, or workshops costing $100 or more or a $25 processing fee is charged for dropping programs costing under $100. A processing fee equal to 50% of the tuition is charged for adult or YFA classes and camps that are dropped during the period from six days before the first class meets and the next working day after the first class has met (workshop fees are not refundable during this period). Please refer to the chart below. Students are responsible for notifying the Art Center that they wish to drop a class or workshop; not attending class does not constitute an official withdrawal from courses or cancellation of tuition or fees. If you must drop a class or workshop after the deadline, no refunds will be given. There is no deferred, reduced or pro-rated tuition. Membership is non-refundable. Refunds will be processed within three weeks of notification of intent to drop.

There are no exceptions to the Evanston Art Center refund policy.


Refund Schedule for Dropped Classes and Workshops 

  Dropped 7 or more days before the first session* Dropped between 6 days before the first session and the first working day after the first session* Dropped after the first working day after the first session*
Adult and YFA Classes and Camps Tuition refunded minus $50 processing fee** Tuition is refunded minus a processing fee equal to 50% of the tuition NO REFUND OR CREDIT
Workshops costing $100 or more Tuition refunded minus $50 processing fee** NO REFUND OR CREDIT NO REFUND OR CREDIT
Workshops under $100 Tuition refunded minus $25 processing fee** NO REFUND OR CREDIT NO REFUND OR CREDIT

*The first session is defined as the first day a class or workshop meets (not the first class or workshop attended).

**To avoid paying the processing fee, students may elect to receive a full tuition credit for classes or workshops dropped seven days or more before the first session. Tuition credit will expire one year from the date the class or workshop is dropped and must be used in full for EAC class and/or workshop tuition. After the credit is redeemed, no further refund options will be available.

Tuition credits are not redeemable for cash under any circumstances. Credits may be transferred to another individual only with written notice.


Introduce a friend (first time student) to EAC classes and receive a 20% discount off the price of one class. EAC Registrar must be alerted when you are introducing a student to EAC classes at the time of registration in order to receive the discount. Please check the appropriate box on the PDF or mail in registration form indicating that you are referring a new student or have been referred by an EAC student and write in that student's name. A 20% refund will be issued to the referring student within 30 days after the referred student's first class meets. No discounts will be given for dropped or canceled classes. This discount is not available via the website registration, to receive this discount you must fax, mail or call in your registration.


Classes are cancelled when enrollment minimums are not reached. EAC encourages students to register early. Classes that do not meet enrollment minimums are cancelled three days before the first class, and students are notified by telephone. Full tuition will be refunded within three weeks. The Art Center reserves the right to change instructors, class structure, or to discontinue any class without incurring obligations. If a student is unable to attend a class period for any reason, the Art Center is not responsible for providing any make-up. Not attending class does not constitute an official drop or withdrawal from courses or cancellation of tuition or fees.

Missed Classes

A make-up week is scheduled at the end of each term in the event a class session is cancelled by the EAC or the instructor. Make-up week is considered part of the term, and no refunds will be gven for unattended scheduled classes during this week. There are no refunds, credits or make-ups for any other class sessions that were held as scheduled and missed by the student (student "no-show").

Children Taking Adult Classes

In order to register for adult classes, students must be 18 years of age. Younger students may petition the Director of Education for permission to enroll in an adult class or workshop. No one, including children of students, is allowed in the studios during class or studio time unless they are enrollees or have visitor permission from the Director of Education.

Evanston Art Center Closings

Classes will not be held on major national holidays or during extremely inclement weather. Classes falling on these days will be made up at the end of the term and will be coordinated between the faculty member and each class. Only the administration may cancel classes in case of inclement weather.

Policy Changes

The administration reserves the right to alter policies pertaining to courses, fees, and other notices on this website and in our catalog as deemed necessary for the proper functioning of the Art Center. All such policy changes will be approved by the Board of Trustees before action is taken. The administration also reserves the right to cancel classes and alter scheduling or staffing when circumstances warrant.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial aid and scholarships is available each term for adult courses and Youth Fine Arts programs. Assistance will be based on financial need. Click here for a pdf formatted financial aid application and policy statement. Applications are also available at the front desk. Please submit completed application and attendant documents with your registration. For more information, call 847-475-5300.



Financial Aid Sliding Scale

Total (Gross) Income / Number of Family Members 

Subsidy 1 2 3 4 5 6
75% $14,580 $19,720 $24,860 $30,000 $35,140 $40,280
50% $18,080 $24,720 $30,860 $37,000 $43,140 $49,280
25% $21,580 $29,720 $36,860 $44,000 $51,140 $58,280



Code of Conduct

In order to provide students, members, visitors and staff with a safe and supportive educational environment, the Evanston Art Center has adopted a Code of Conduct. The Art Center reserves the right to refuse to retain any student it determines to be in violation of the Code of Conduct in any course at any time without incurring obligations. Click here to view and/or print the full EAC Code of Conduct.

Covid-19 Code of Conduct

As we navigate through this challenging time as responsibly as we can, we have taken enhanced measures to protect the health and safety of our students, staff, and visitors based on guidelines from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Restore Illinois Phase 3 Guidelines for Day Camps and retail and other governmental agencies. Click here for more information.

Studio Time

Several departments offer studio time to current students who would like additional time to work in the EAC studios outside of class time. Studio time schedules are worked out at the beginning of each term. Studio time is included in class tuition for Ceramics, Figure Sculpture, Jewelry and Printmaking students.


Membership contributions help support the Evanston Art Center's operations and programs. Except for the Independent Study Program, membership is not required to participate in adult and youth classes or workshops, however, members pay a discounted tuition rate. Membership is non-refundable.

Youth Fine Arts Late Pick-Up Fees

Parents are responsible for picking their children up on time. The EAC cannot be responsible for students brought early or picked up late. A fee of $10 per every five minutes will be assessed by credit card or by invoice.

Permission to Photograph

The Art Center retains the right to photograph any class, work, student or event and reproduce the images at its discretion without incurring obligations.


The parking lot adjacent to the Art Center is available on a first-come, first-serve basis with vehicles exhibiting a parking permit. Parking permits are available to students registered in a 5 to 12 week class. Permits are available to pick up at the EAC front desk at the beginning of each session. Street parking is also available.