Anthony, our EAC intern, writes about one of his favorite artworks on display in Daniel Miller's Ebb & Flow:

Daniel Miller’s exhibition “Ebb & Flow” is a depiction of cycles and systems that are both internal to the human body as well as larger scale, like weather impacts on the environment.  Another key point of this exhibition is to show humans how have affected these nature cycles and systems.  One piece, Floodwaters, shows how the engineered landscape leads to problems of flooding.  Floodwaters is a large machine that shows how flooding affects a riverbed by eroding the dirt in certain spots as the water flows through.  These flood scenarios are implemented using a randomized robotic process.  The table is filled with sand and gravel, then it is tilted to 35 degrees.  A water hose is moved to one of 30 positions, where water will flow from for 10 minutes, before moving to the next position.  As the hose moves it creates cuts into the riverbed, resulting is spots that erode more easily than others.  Floodwaters is a simulation of the real-life problems of river flooding and erosion, whether it is man-made or naturally occurring.  When looking at the table as the water is flowing, it shows that some areas are not affected at all, whereas other areas are washed away.

CLICK HERE for more information on Daniel Miller's exhibition.

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