Art School: Digital Media & Fabrication

Welcome to the Digital Media & Fabrication Department!

The Maker Lab allows you to explore technologies both old and new. You can develop your own film in the darkroom, learn Photoshop, prepare images for inkjet printing, create 3D printed objects, and engrave and cut with our laser cutter.

The Maker Lab's classes are rooted in technique, experimentation, and exploration. Explore how all of the courses within the Maker Lab inform one another!

Our seasoned Evanston Art Center teachers focus on building upon what their students have told them they want to learn. The Maker Lab also welcomes a handful of newer instructors who are focused on the newest technological software and workflow and how to best integrate them into our space.

The equipment in EAC's Maker Lab includes a darkroom, Mac laptops (with Adobe Creative Suite), Epson inkjet printers, Dremel 3D printers, DLSR cameras, and a Boss laser cutter and engraver.

EAC's Maker Lab hosts a wide variety of classes with instructors who are eager to make the creative skills you learn apply to how you will use them beyond when the course is over. The Maker Space also hosts several Open Studio times for our current students to come in outside of class time and use the technologies available within the space.

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The Evanston Art Center is excited to offer a series of videos to help with your Photography process.

A special thanks to the Phillip and Edith Leonian Foundation for making these videos possible.

In-Person Course: Saturday, 1-4pm
Twelve-week class beginning June 18, 2022
In-Person Course: Sunday, 9:30am-12:30pm
Twelve-week class beginning June 19, 2022
In-Person Course: Sunday, 1-4pm
Six-week class beginning June 19, 2022