Denver, one of our EAC Interns, writes about her first day at the Evanston Art Center, and her favorite artwork on display in the gallery:

On my first day as an intern for EAC, I walked through the doors and saw all of the beautiful artwork. One gallery that really caught my eye was a display of bright, neon faces. When I approached the large piece of paper that showcased a screaming man with beautiful colors all over the page, I saw that the artist is a man named Desmond Beach. Desmond Beach is a Washington, DC based artist and educator. Desmond's work is all about honoring his ancestors, and those of the African diaspora. He calls his pieces sacred spaces for their spirits to rest in. Desmond believes in capturing and sharing the everyday moments in daily life, as well as creating work that comments on the social stereotypes surrounding African Americans. Desmond truly believes that art is his calling and couldn't possibly imagine doing something else.

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Denver W.
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