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Here at the Evanston Art Center we pride ourselves on offering small art classes that are inviting and comfortable.  Search our database to find a class that is perfect for you!

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Art School: Woodworking

The woodworking program at the Evanston Art Center began quite organically with a few youth classes in the fall, winter, and spring. In recent months interest has grown among adults in our community. It is from that interest that we are happy to begin offering adult project-based woodworking classes at the Evanston Art Center along with our current youth class.

Building materials such as wood, stains, brushes, and finishes are not included in the class fees and must be purchased by students.

Except for the Independent Study Program, Evanston Art Center membership is not required to enroll in these courses, however, EAC members receive a tuition discount. Click here to purchase or renew membership.

For information regarding refunds, cancellations, financial aid and scholarships, and more, click here.