Ariana, our EAC Intern and a freshman at Shanghai University in China, writes about her favorite artwork on display in our newest exhibition, Design is a Verb: Chicago Sculpture International Biennial curated by Alyssa Brubaker. Design is a Verb is on display in our First Floor Gallery from July 27 - August 26, 2018. Learn more:


I’m Ariana, a freshman in Shanghai University. After 13 hours flight from China, I finally arrived at this gorgeous Evanston Art Center as an intern. I have been imagining what the place would be like, but when I arrived here, I found it even more beautiful than I thought. 


There are lots of art works here, and I find each of them unique and well-designed. However, only one piece of them tightly catch my eye. Its name is Rest in Piece, created by Sunny Han in 2018.  

这里陈列着许多艺术作品,我发现每一件都很独特并且设计精良。然而,其中一件陈列品紧紧地吸引住了我的眼球。 这件作品名叫“在一起”,是艺术家Sunny Han在201年创作的。 

Sunny Han, Rest in Piece, 2018

When I was just look around in the art center, a cloud of bright blue suddenly attracted my attention. Gradually approaching it, I found an amazing thing that only 4 points of it touch the ground while other part of it hang in the air. What a ingenious structure! As its creator says, "The point of constructing something is to move towards an increasingly elegant visual structure," this art works is really a visual feast. 



I think creating a permanent bond between the artwork and people is all the artists trying to do. From this perspective, this art works is completely successful. It looks like a piece of paper folded in a special way, which reminds me of a kind of origami I played with my friends in my childhood. It makes me remember those happy and freedom days, which I think is the meaning of this art works. 


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