John, our newest EAC Intern from Shanghai, China, writes about one of his favorite pieces on display in the 2020 EAC Faculty Exhibition. The exhibition is on display in our first floor gallery from January 11 - February 16, 2020.

This is my first day at EAC. When I visited the art exhibition on the first floor, I was attracted by the artwork called  "Strawberry". The artist who created it, Lyndsay Murphree, is very good at drawing with colored pencils. She currently serves as a co-president for a local botanical art group, and I was very surprised to learn that she held a course at EAC called "Winter Botanicals in Colored Pencil ". 

As an art lover, I really like brightly colored pictures, but the high saturation color styles that are popular now are visually exhausting. This artwork gives me a totally different feeling. The using of colored pencil reduce the impact of color but still brighten it. If you look a little closer, you'll notice that colored pencils give the picture more details and the subtle shadows make this picture more realistic. Besides, the picture is full of strawberries but very harmonious, which makes people feel amazing rather than boring. For me, the artist shows me a unique world using colored pencils and the new visual experience brought by this delicate artwork is unforgettable.

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