Curatorial Fellowship 2023/2024


2023/2024 Curatorial Fellowship Exhibition

Exhibition Dates: July 6 - August 4, 2024

Opening Reception Sunday, July 14, 1-4 pm RSVP


The 2023/ 2024 EAC Curatorial Fellow is Gustavo Herrera Yepez

Exhibition Statement

Across Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, the ancient Maya civilization engineered an extraordinary network of raised, white plastered paved roads known as sacbe. Far more than a thoroughfare, a sacbe served as a vital artery, linking major ceremonial centers and cities across the dense jungle landscape. Through these connections, the Maya facilitated trade, communication, and the expansion of their kingdom, weaving a rich tapestry of cultural and societal progress. Much like a Mayan road, sacbe also represented the journey of one's life and its connection to the ensuing afterlife.

SACBE: Pathways of Connection presents parallels between the contemporary Mayan community of the Yucatan Peninsula and our own local communities. Showcasing traditional Mayan weaving alongside contemporary fiber art, the exhibition delves into the intricate ways in which communities harness the power to address and highlight pressing societal and environmental issues.


Curatorial Statement

Originally a photography project, SACBE: Pathways of Connection was conceived with the vision of creating a space that bridges communities, much like the ancient sacbe that connected disparate corners of the Mayan kingdom. Embodying that ethos, this exhibition brings together two distinct countries and cultures, providing a lens into the similar ways they confront and address societal and environmental issues. More than just a Mayan road, a sacbe is a symbol of communication, of a spiritual journey, of trading cultures, and of pathways to possibilities.

Celebrating the richness of cultural diversity and the enduring spirit of the Mayan people, SACBE: Pathways of Connection links us to the past and to each other. It seeks to inspire new ways to build stronger, more connected communities that recognize the beauty of our shared human experience.

Upcoming Additional Programming

Fiber workshop RSVP

Saturday, July 20th 1-2:30pm

Participate in our hands-on Fiber Art Workshop, where you’ll learn the art of weaving on a DIY cardboard loom. This workshop offers a creative and educational experience for all skill levels, guided by the talented artists featured in the exhibition.


Family Fiesta RSVP

Sunday, July 28th 11-2pm

Bring the whole family to our lively Family Fiesta! Enjoy a day filled with art activities inspired by the exhibition—like printmaking and weaving—music, piñatas, and delicious food. It’s a celebration of creativity and community that promises fun for all ages.


Q&A with SACBE exhibition curatorRSVP

Sunday, July 28th 2-3pm 

Join us for an engaging Q&A session with the curator of the exhibition, Gustavo Herrera Yepez. This is a unique opportunity to hear directly from the curator about the inspiration behind the exhibition, the research conducted, and the stories that bring the artworks to life.

Images taken by Gustavo Herrera Yepez

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