Ellie, one of our EAC Interns, writes about her first day at the Evanston Art Center, and her favorite artwork on display in the gallery:

On my first day as an intern at EAC, I spent some time in the gallery taking in the works on display. I was moved by the whole series by Olea Nova, but particularly drawn into a piece titled “When.” The series consists of large uniform canvases, painted in a particular color scheme. The movements in the pieces are beautifully thought out in an abstract fashion.

In the piece titled “When” Olea Nova creates movement and space with a series of brush strokes and drips. With cool blues, purples, greys, and blacks she manipulates the stark white canvas in a way that speaks to the viewer. The different levels of density and thickness of paint bring different dimensions to the painting and the smokey quality tells a story.

As an art student myself and one that practices abstract expressionism, I was drawn to the production and process of the painting. The way a painting is created tells just as much as the finished products and holds a special importance to the artist. By looking at this piece, the viewer can tell that it holds great emotion and the act of creating it was powerful.

Olea Nova, When, 2015


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Ellie Huffman