Hola! My name's Marina and today is my first day as the Community Outreach intern.

It's a crisp Monday in March and walking into the art center I was met with a warm welcome. After walking past the front desk, I was able to take in the gift-shop and main exhibition gallery. Interestingly enough I arrived while they were in-between exhibits! The white walls were bare yet gleaming under the track lights. The energy in the space was tranquil.

After quickly walking upstairs, I was met with Lindsay Olson's "The Art of the Universe: Art & Science exhibit. I was drawn into her use of silk organza, wood, linen, cotton, acrylic, and mixed media to challenge the way we view physics and art. I like the different perspective and was intrigued by the way she showcased neutrinos.   

After viewing this gallery, I met with Cara (Manager of Exhibitions) and heard a cheery "Hello!" from Paula (President & CEO) while in her office. A lively energy occurs once Paula walks into a room! Then I met with Christena (Director of Education) and after all the pleasant introductions with the rest of the team, I was put into the thick of things and assigned some tasks. Good thing I had my tiny reporter's notebook and pen ready to go!

I will be helping build more company awareness, write press releases, expand community engagement online, work on PR/marketing, and tackle a lot of projects for Evanston's Community Outreach program. I have a background in Public Relations, Marketing, and Journalism. It's also a good thing that I am bilingual in English/Spanish and can help native Spanish speakers within the community whenever they step into the art center. I'm always happy to help with translations!

El arte siempre me ha fascinado y estoy feliz de poder ayudar a Evanston Art Center.

I'm still getting adjusted but I'm excited to tackle any projects that come my way. So far I've had an eventful first day.  

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