Jake, our EAC Intern from Lake Forest College, writes about our upcoming exhibition by artist Barry Lorberbaum on display in our Second Floor Gallery.

The Art Center’s next exhibition will feature works by artist, sculptor, and poet Barry Lorberbaum. Barry was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1954 and earned his B.S. B.A. at DeVry University in 2003. Barry works with several media including paint, wood sculpting, and colored pencil on paper. He creates abstract pieces composed of various shapes seemingly fit together like a puzzle, leaving little to no white space.

Barry’s colored pencil compositions display an incredible attention to detail. The compositions range from relatively simplistic, spacious works to extremely intricate etchings. Some of these colorful pieces are made up of only a few shapes, while others feature more complex forms.

His work may seem chaotic, random, and non-representational at first glance, but upon further examination, the compositions appear harmonious and methodical. For Barry, making art is cathartic, which is reflected in his artist statement:

everything starts with anger frustration pain and disgust

I am an optimist

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