Our Donors

Thank you to our generous donors September 1, 2021 - August 31, 2022

$20,000 +


Illinois Arts Council

Mrs. Ylva Isaacs

Ms. Sueko Kawamura


$10,000 - $19,999


Mr. and Mrs. Shari and Patrick Daw

Ms. Karen Hunt

Mr. and Mrs. Clay Struve

Mrs. Gail Struve


$5,000 - $9,999

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Balusek

Mr. and Ms. David Cahnman

Cless Family Foundation

Ms. Paula Danoff

The Grainger Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gordon

Mr. and Mrs. John Kirscher

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Moran

In Memory of Patricia Buck


$2,500 - $4,999

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Achenbaum

Dr. Sally Blount

City of Evanston

Ms. Nancy Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Oberlander

Phillip and Edith Leonian Foundation

Dr. John Saliba and Dr. Judy Falconer

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Scattone

Ms. Renee Schleicher

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Struve

WFM Community Giving Program

Mr. and Mrs. John Wright


$1,000 - $2,499

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bauer

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Benson

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bichimer

Ms. Deborah Brejcha

Byline Bank

Mr. and Mrs. John Chapman

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cicero

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Curley

Ms. Catherine Daniels

Mr. and Mrs. Linné Dosé

Elizabeth Beidler Tisdahl Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Evanich

Ms. Debra Favre and Mr. Mike Bailey

Hagerty Consulting Inc

Mr. and Mrs. James Hardgrove

Mr. William C. Lane

Mr. and Mrs. David Lieberman

Ms. Suzanne Massey

Masterpiece Framing

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Moran

MUFG Bank, Ltd

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Naponelli

Mr. David Pancost

Ms. Alice Rebechini and Mr. Lee Jorik

Dr. Horst Schastok and Dr. Sara Schastok

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sullivan

Mr. Edward Sutkowski

Ms. Annette Turow

Ms. Pamela Voitik

Ms. Kimberley Vuitel


$500 - $999

Dr. and Mrs. Edward Abraham

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Brooks

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Finnegan

Fischl Dental Associates , P.C.

Gateway Foundation

Mr. and Ms. Alan George

Mr. Philip Houk

Ms. Milena Hughes

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kendall

Mr. William Lampkin

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Marks

Ms. Adele Martel

Ms. Jane McCarthy

Mrs. Joan McLane

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Mellinger

Mr. Dan Pinkert and Ms. Freddi Greenberg

415 Premier Apartments

Mr. and Mrs. William Revelle

Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Robinson

Mr. Robert Rooth

Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Saywitz

Mrs. MV Tobin

Ms. Julia Bradford Tuttle

Mr. and Mrs. John Vondran

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Vorhees

Ms. Anne Wilson


$250 - $499

Ms. Patricia Alexander

Ms. Carol Apfelbaum

Mr. and Ms. Ted Becker

Ms. Deborah Crimmins

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Delman

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Dutcher

Ms. Stephanie Funke

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Ginsburg

Dr. and Mrs. Leo Gordon

Dr. Paula Gorlitz

Mr. and Mrs. David Hart

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hazlett

Mr. and Mrs. John Heaton

Mr. Todd Herlitz

Mr. John Herron

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hinkel

Ms. Elizabeth Hope

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Horner

John J. Cahill Inc

Mr. and Mrs. John Labbe

Mr. and Mrs. John Lyons

Ms. Meg Madvig

Ms. Maureen McNichols

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Mendelson

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Moore

Mr. and Mrs. John Nicolson

Mr. Tom Okawara

Ms. Samantha Pekin

Mr. Lawrence Pinto and Ms. Maria Udo

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Pliska

Ms. Elizabeth Pope

Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Robinson

Mr. Larry Rose

Mr. and Mrs. David Schiffman

Mr. Michael Schnur and Ms. Janice Liten

Mr. & Mrs. Scott

Stanley Spring & Stamping Corp.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Taich

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Vroegh

Mrs. Sherry Winger

Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Winkler


$100 - $249

Aim & Ailie Hair Boutique

Mr. Steve Albertson and Ms. Jody Reeme

Ms. Diane Allen

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Andalman

Mr. Brian Andrzejewski

Ms. Jan Marie Aramini

Mr. Frank Barbaro

Ms. Lea Basile-Lazarus

Ms. Kathleen M Bell

Mr. and Mrs. Karl Berolzheimer

Ms. Nina Black

Ms. Etta Block

Ms. Heidi Bloom

Mr. George Bodmer and Ms. Sue Loellbach

Mr Frank Barbaro and Ms. Rebekah Braslow

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brennan

Ms. Casey Brown

Ms. Patty Buck

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Burke

Mr. Paul Chaitkin and Ms. Irene Ziaya

Mr. Harvey Choldin

Ms. Holly Clayson

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cochran

Ms. Harriet Conroe

Mr. Eric Dahl

Ms. Ellen Dalton

Ms. Lindsay Dewis

Ms. Ellen Dickson

Mr. and Mrs. James Druckman

Mr. and Mrs. John Eckel

Ms. Linda Edlund

Ms. Karen Eich

Ms. Karen Erickson

Evanston School of Ballet Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Feely

Ms. Ellen Foster

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Freilich

Ms. Janet Gerske

Mr. George Gerstman

Ms. Tamara Reeme Glavor

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Gleave

Ms. Eunice Goldberg

Ms. Sharon Goodman

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Greene

Ms. Eve Greer

Ms. Christena Gunther

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Gunzberg

Mr. Brian Hanson and Ms. Karen Alter-Hanson

Ms. Barbara Heaton

Mr. and Mrs. John Heinz

Ms. Maria Hesser

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hoffman

Mr. William Homer and Ms. Karen Kalmek

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Horwitz

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Hoskin

Mrs. Antoinette Houk

Mr. Roger Hymen

Ms. Sarah Kaiser-Amaral

Ms. Sara Karoll

Ms. Shannon Kennedy

Mr. Paul Lehman and Ms. Ronna Stamm

Mrs. Linda Lofton and Mr. Richard Ehrensaft

Mr. and Mrs. T. Chad Luning

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Lupel

Ms. Amanda Macejko

Mr. Jeff Mackevich

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Marcus

Mr. Matthew Martin and Ms. Charlotta Weaver

Mr. and Mrs. William McGaghie

Mr. and Mrs. Jim McHolland

Ms. Shelley McNaughton

Mrs. Virginia Noyes

Ms. Diane Peachin

Ms. Jane Sisco Perkins

Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Peters

Mr. and Mrs. John Peterson

Ms. Joanna Pinsky

Ms. Naomi Pollak

Mrs. Julie Porter

Ms. Stasia Powers

Ransburg Foundation

Mrs. Donna Reber

Mr. and Mrs. Bart Rocca

Mr. Donald Rubovits

Mr. Marcus Sacco

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Salchli

Mr. and Mrs. George Sarfatty

Ms. Judith Saul Six

Schmidt Bell, P.C.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schultz

Mr. and Mrs. John Searles

Ms. Susan Semla

Ms. Barbara Seyfried

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Sills

Ms. Christine Steel

Ms. Sue Steiner

Ms.Angie Stotis

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Struve

Mr. and Mrs. James Thompson

Ms. Annie Wassmann

Ms. Martha Watterson

Ms. Sally Wille

Ms. Carolyn Zabinsky

Rev. Dr. John Zimmermann and Ms. Helen Dunbeck Zimmermann