Our Donors

Thank you to our generous donors September 1, 2022 - August 31, 2023

$20,000 +
Mr. Michael Davis and Mr. Art Williams
Mrs. Ylva Isaacs
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Scattone

$10,000 - $19,999
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Balusek
Ms. Carla Barrow
Ms. Karen Hunt
City of Evanston
Illinois Arts Council
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Oberlander
Mr. and Mrs. Clay Struve
Mr. Philip Yau

$5,000 - $9,999
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Achenbaum
Mr. and Ms. David Cahnman
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Danoff
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gordon
The Grainger Foundatuon
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hansen
Mr. and Mrs. John Kirscher
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Moran
Phillip and Edith Leonian Foundation
Ms. Renee Schleicher

$2,500 - $4,999
Mr. Jason Collette
Shari and Patrick Daw
Mr. William C. Lane
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Marks
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Naponelli
Ms. Elizabeth Pope
Dr. John Saliba and Dr. Judy Falconer
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sullivan

$1,000 - $2,499
Ms. Carole Bass
Ms. Deborah Brejcha
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Brooks
Byline Bank
Mr. and Mrs. John Chapman
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cicero
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Curley
Mr. and Mrs. Linné Dosé
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Evanich
Ms. Debra Favre and Mr. Mike Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. James Hardgrove
J & A Freight Systems, Inc
Ms. Elizabeth Kirscher and Mr. Steel Bokhof
Kiwanis Foundation of Evanston
J & A Freight Systems, Inc
Mr. and Mrs. David Lieberman
Ms. Anne McIntosh
Ms. Suzanne Massey
Ms. Katherine Olson
Ms. Judine O'Shea and Mr. Hugh Musick
Mr. David Pancost
Ms. Elizabeth Pope
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rubens
Mr. Horst Schastok and Dr. Sara Schastok
Mr. Michael Sims
Mrs. Gail Struve
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Struve
Mrs. Elizabeth Tisdahl
Mr. and Mrs. John Vondran
Mr. and Mrs. John Wright

$500 - $999
Ms. Jan Marie Aramini
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bauer
Mr. J. Linn Allen and Ms. Beverly Bennett
Ms. Caryl Carlsen
The Enamelist Society
Ms. Gwyndolyn Friend
Rep. Robyn Gable
Mr. and Ms. Alan George
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Gleave
Mr. and Mrs. David Hart
Mr. David Hodges
Ms. Adele Martel
Ms. Jane McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Jim McHolland
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Miller
Music Institute of Chicago
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Obaseki
Mr. Dan Pinkert and Ms. Freddi Greenberg
Mr. Robert S Pitt and Ms. Lora J LaDew
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Roman
Mr. Virgil Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Saywitz
Mr. Michael Sims
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Struve
Mr. Edward Sutkowski
MV Tobin
Ms. Pamela Voitik
Ms. Anne Wilson

$100 - $499
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Abraham
Mr. Gul Agha
Ms. Diane Allen
Ms. Carol Apfelbaum
Mr. Frank Barbaro
Mr. and Ms. Ted Becker
Ms. Olivia Belitsky
Ms. Kathleen M Bell
Berglund Animal Hospital
Mr. Karl Berolzheimer
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Berry
Ms. Regina Bird
Ms. Etta Block
Mr. George Bodmer and Ms. Sue Loellbach
Mr. Bruce Boyer
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Brinckerhoff
Ms. Roslyn Broder
Mr. William Browne
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Burin
Ms. Caryl Carlsen
Ms. Sun H. Choi
Ms. Holly Clayson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cochran
Mr. Bernard Cohen and Ms. Judith Chiss
Mr. Etahn Cohen and Ms. Amy Paller
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Collinson
Ms. Deborah Crimmins
Mr. and Mrs. John Delano
Ms. Felicia Dobbey
Ms. Sylvia Duby
Ms. Leah Durst
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Dutcher
Ms. Kate Eddon
Ms. Karen Eich
Ms. Karen Erickson
Ms. Tina Erickson
Evanston School of Ballet Foundation
Eventbrite, Inc
Facebook Payments
Ms. Jamie Floersch
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Freilich
Mr. Greg Gershuny and Ms. Evelyn Chin
Ms. Susan Gillette
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Ginsburg
Ms. Sharon Goodman
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Granchalek
Ms. Eve Greer
Mr. Brian Hanson and Ms. Karen Alter-Hanson
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Harris
Mr. and Mrs. David Hart
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hazlett
Ms. Chantal Healey
Ms. Barbara Heaton
Ms. Deborah Hinde
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Hoskin
Ms. Milena Hughes
Ms. Stacey Irvin
John J. Cahill Inc
Ms. Fran Joy
Ms. Sarah Kaiser-Amaral
Mr. Argiris Kantzavelos
Mr. Gerard Kaye
Ms. Cythia Kerby
Ms. Margaret Kittle-Kamp
Ms. Holly Krevitz
Ms. Jeanne LaCasse
Lamber Goodnow Injury Lawyers
Ms. Janice Liten and Mr. Michael Schnur
Ms. Joyce Litoff
Mrs. Linda Lofton and Mr. Richard Ehrensaft
Mr. and Mrs. T. Chad Luning
Ms. Meg Madvig
Ms. Florence Malizola
Mr. David Mathers
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Mendelson
Ms. Lynn Merel
Ms. Marilyn Meyers
Mr. Peter Mikalajunas and Ms. Zita Baltramonas
Mr. David Moskow and Ms. Gina Matthiesen
Ms. Mary Jo Modica
Ms. Pat Moser
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Munson
Mrs. Virginia Noyes
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Obaseki
Ms. Anne Pattis
Ms. Diane Peachin
Mr. Lawrence Pinto and Ms. Maria Udo
Ms. Naomi Pollak
Mrs. Donna Reber
Ms. Jennifer Roche
Mr. Larry Rose
Ms. Karen Sako
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Salchli
Mr. and Mrs. George Sarfatty
Mr. and Mrs. David Schiffman
Ms. Joan Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. John Searles
Ms. Barbara Seyfried
Ms. Ruhi Shariff
Ms. Sarah Sheridan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sills
Mr. Erik Snapp
Mr. Andrew Spatz
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Steege
Ms. Sue Steiner
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Taich
Mr. David Tekler
Mr. and Mrs. James Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. M. Jay Trees
Ms. Oxana Tsytsarina
Mr. Craig Unruh
Ms. Annie Wassmann
Ms. Sally Wille
Mr. Scott Wilson
Mrs. Sherry Winger
Ms. Amy Wisler
Mr. and Mrs. John Wright
YoFresh Café
Rev. Dr. John Zimmermann and Ms. Helen Dunbeck Zimmermann
Ms. Marcia Zuckerman