We are excited to welcome our newest EAC Intern, Terry, a freshman from Fudan Universty, Shanghai, China. Terry writes about his first impressions of the Evanston Art Center in the blog post below:


My name is Terry, a freshman from Fudan Universty, Shanghai. I’ll act as an intern in this brilliant Evanston Art Center for three weeks.


My favorite art work here is Stumbled upon which is created by Emily Stokes, the associate professor of Art at Northwestern College. It’s absolutely a good piece.

我这边最喜欢的艺术品是Emily Stoke的“偶遇”。Emily是西北大学艺术系的助理教授。

Emily Stokes, Stumbled Upon III, 2016

The first view of it is an animal which I am not fully sure about what it is trying to reach something on the ground. The time is probably at dusk as there is a magnificent sunset at the picture above. What’s more, speaking of the place, it is possibly somewhere near a lake or an open area of sea because there are reflections under the giant sun. Finally, the whole picture involves things that seem like chaos other than what I mentioned above. All in all, it occurs to me as a feeling of tiredness and luck.


The story we could learn from the picture may be as follows. An animal which has just survived a bad day probably involving several escapes from predators is starving. When it comes nearly to night, it encounters something which I guess is a piece of delicious food on the ground. Its happiness goes wildly and then it starts to approach it and it will possibly have a nice meal later.


Emily Stokes, Stumbled Upon II, 2016

So that’s the story that can be traced back to the title “Stumbled upon”. A tired day ends with a small luck, which I think many people in reality wants. Life is tough, so when one comes home, exhausted, I think nothing matches a little luck that can bring him a great feeling of happiness.


In addition, Emily didn’t complete this work in a single one. Instead, she paints several versions of it by changing the contrast ratio and color. That’s similar to Andy Warhol’s series of Marilyn Monroe that demonstrates different feelings of one piece of work.


At last, if we get closer, we can see some letters on the animal’s body which is ‘l’, left-to-right reversed ‘a’ and ‘m’ and a ‘d’. I fail to know the exact meaning of it, however, I think of it as a try to show some link between the animal and humans.


To summarize, it’s my favorite piece of art because it is impressive with different colors and emotions. Moreover, what I wrote above is mostly my own opinion, if it’s wrong, please excuse me for that.


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