The Evanston Art Center Offers Two Workshops for Artists

Sergio Gomez, artist, curator, director and co-founder of Art NXT Level.
The Evanston Art Center (EAC) is offering two exciting workshops this summer: “Ignite Your Art Practice from the Inside Out” and “7 Photoshop Techniques for Artists.” Both events are geared towards artists to help their professional practices.  

The “Ignite Your Art Practice from the Inside Out” workshop, which takes place on June 27, is co-presented by Sergio Gomez, artist, curator and director, and Dr. Yanina Gomez, who has a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology. Both Sergio and Yanina are co-founders of Art NXT Level, an organization that provides artists the tools, strategies, advice and coaching to progress their career and support emotional well-being. That said, this duo will provide practical advice to succeed in today’s art world and wellness strategies to maintain a healthy business and studio practice.  

Yanina, Ph.D. and co-founder of Art NXT Level.
According to Yanina, this workshop “is ideal for driven artists who are serious about optimizing their art career while maintaining a healthier lifestyle.” Sergio says during part of this 90 minute workshop, he will explain habits that will help develop artists’ careers and reveal how to work with curators and gallerists. Specific topics include: managing an effective contact list, establishing marketing strategies and dealing with a busy schedule. “Knowing how to manage your art career is an important skill necessary to ignite your studio practice forward on an ongoing basis,” he adds.
Dr. Yanina Gomez, co-founder of Art NXT Level. 
Yanina will complement this seminar, and will share “seven stress management strategies” for artists to sustain a balanced life, and consequently an art career. By targeting particular stress management strategies, participants will learn to “make the best of stress,” as Yanina puts it.
Sergio will also present a workshop on July 18, “7 Photoshop Techniques for Artists.” This workshop is also geared towards artists’ professional practices, this time by providing instruction on fundamental Photoshop techniques. These skills will help artists edit images used on their website, blog, presentations and promotional materials. Attendees can bring their laptops to work along with Sergio.
To that end, the two workshops offered this summer fill a practical need for artists. As these workshops suggest, being an artist is more than just making art. It is also about being a professional. “I believe that as artists, we need all the support we can get to keep ourselves ahead of the game and ready for the demands and opportunities of the future,” Sergio explains. The workshops offered at EAC can aid in this task.  
“Ignite Your Art Practice from the Inside Out,” co-presented by Sergio Gomez and Dr. Yanina Gomez, is offered at EAC on June 27, 2015, from 1-2:30pm. “7 Photoshop Techniques for Artists” is presented by Sergio Gomez. It is offered at EAC on July 18, 2015 at 1pm. Click here to sign up for either workshop.
Amy Haddad is a Chicago-based freelance art writer and blogger. She writes for the Evanston Art Center and Newcity, and has contributed articles to Create Hub, The Art House, the Columbus Museum of Art and NTQ-Data Limited. She has a personal art blog, Art Diversions, and tweets about art @amymhaddad.
Photo credit: images provided by Sergio Gomez and Dr. Yanina Gomez.
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