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Hybrid’s Paradise


Our New Location: 1717 Central Street, Evanston

Curated by Sergio Gomez, Curator | Gallery Director, 33 Contemporary Gallery, Zhou B Art Center

Hybrid’s Paradise is comprised primarily of works by Chicago based artists and explores dualities, sequences, pairings, and other hybrid structures of organic, mechanical, social, political, spiritual and psychological natures.


August 6, 2015

7-9 p.m.

$20 per person

21+ / Bring valid ID



The Evanston Art Center will be hosting its premier evening event for art discussion, growth, and fun. The first Thursday of each month will feature an art-oriented event - artist talks, films and small exhibitions - geared towards young professionals. We invite artists, scientists, students, adventurers, creatives of all kinds to join us!


Old Friends Make ‘New Work’ at the Evanston Art Center

Annette Turow and Linda Robinson Gordon have known each other for years and are even in the same Torah study group. But they are now connecting in a new way: through their art.

The exhibition “New Work,” featuring pieces by both Turow and Robinson Gordon, opens Sunday at the Evanston Art Center. It is the first ever joint exhibition between the two Chicago-area artists, whose collaboration, Turow said, was partly inspired by the fact that their recent works express similar attitudes toward the world.

EAC 90th Anniversary Celebration Brunch

The Evanston Art Center is celebrating 90 years of bringing the arts to our community. From championing our local creative talents to inspiring with world famous artists, we have made it our mission to inspire, provoke, and support. And we’re just getting started! Join us in this quintessential year in our history as we celebrate the past and envision the future.

EAC 90th Anniversary Celebration Brunch
October 27, 2019, 11:00 am
1717 Central Street, Evanston

Shout Out: Judith Brotman, artist in residence at EAC

Sculptor and School of the Art Institute of Chicago instructor Judith Brotman, 58, will be in residence at the Evanston Art Center this month. While sculpting is her love, she also developed a passion for another art form she calls public projects. With her latest work as part of the residency, Brotman will incorporate language and text to help create meditations on the power of words and conversations. Her participation in residency is a revival of a program called a reading project that she founded when she injured her hand three years ago and couldn't sculpt.

Artwork talks at Evanston + Vicinity Biennial exhibit

Stunning. Startling. Thought-provoking. Evanston Art Center's 23rd Evanston + Vicinity Biennial exhibit is all that and more.

More than 400 entries were judged by Lela Hersh, president of Museum and Fine Arts Consulting; Monique Meloche, owner of Monique Meloche Gallery; and Lorelei Stewart, director of Gallery 400 at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

"There was no particular criteria," Hersh said. "Certainly, innovation is always important. Is it something we've seen a lot? Does it seem like they're taking chances?"

Sixty-four pieces were selected.


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