Evanston Made is an annual celebration in June that focuses on showcasing Evanston creatives. Throughout the month of June, studios, galleries, museums, workshops and businesses open their doors to showcase works (artistic, artisanal, etc.) and host events by Evanston creatives. Below is a list of ways to participate and engage:

  • Evanston Made's artist studio tour features more than 75 artist's studios open to the public. Maps for the studio tour are available online and at Evanston Art Center
  • The Evanston Art Center hosts the exhibit Evanston Made, featuring works by Evanston creatives. 
  • Amy Amoroso of AnoMaly Productions designs a spectacular shopping experience in the Evanston Made Pop Up Shop at the Evanston Art Center. 
  • Participating business venues show works by Evanston Artists June 3 - 30, turning the city of Evanston into an Art Gallery. 
  • Partner organizations throughout Evanston host artist talks, innovator talks, facility tours and more!
  • Evanston Made Kids! at Evanston Art Center, celebrates young Evanston artists and their families with a day of FREE fun & creativity! This event features a pretty fantastic pop up shop! 


The guidelines to participate are the same; artists living OR renting studio space in Evanston can participate. Artists with studios are encouraged to open to the public on June 3, 12-5pm (people LOVE to see the creative process) and participate in the Artist Studio Tour - encouraged not required. Artists who want to ONLY participate in the Group Show at the Evanston Art Center are welcome, one NEW work, size regulations to come.

Registration is open for Evanston Made 2017, sign up here.