Meet the Artists: Nature vs. Nurture

At the Opening Reception of Nature vs. Nurture, curator Younsoo Kim Flynn gave a talk about her research and process on curating this exhibition, which aims to redefine the complex relationship between natural and urban landscapes.

Read a copy of Younsoo Kim Flynn’s speech below:

It started as a question or an experiment to gain multiple views from artists I respected on how they perceive and experience nature while living in highly urbanized environments.

What I thought might end up as statements about nature and human engineering clashing became moving presentations of them flowing in tandem.

This does not necessarily mean that one is not harming, competing or dominating the other, as there are certainly aspects in each work that allude to this. Overall though I found a mood of perhaps not resignation, but acceptance of a coexistence.

I chose these four particular artists because of their strengths in covering most aspects of visual art.

Sae Jun Kim - Sculpture and Installation

Everything is Collective - Photography

Nathan Braunfeld - Video Art

Jack Flynn – Painting

The strength in Sae Jun Kim’s installation work lies within his use of degrading materials whether they are natural or human-made. No matter the engineering of certain aspects of his work they tend to reflect the same degradation and elemental simplicity as the natural materials. In turn, nature and constructed objects share a defined life cycle.

Everything is Collective’s photography intrigued me due-to-the-ambiguity of the subject matter. Is it real? Is it computer generated? Is it a blending of the two? Even the substance of their mounting and inks questions what is genuine or synthetic. They seem to have found a place beyond creation of a tangible artifact and have progressed into the realm of contemporary magic.

Is it an artwork or true scientific research? Nathan Braunfeld brings a studied, methodical and experimental vision to his work. When I first encountered his portfolio, I had assumed he had a background in geology, geography or another earth science. His attention to analytical detail only helps to reinforce his artistic exploration.

Jack Flynn’s familiar realism and traditional tight renderings are at times astounding but it’s the undercurrents of his strong design and surreal sensibilities that attracted me to his art. Natural lake and sky domains exist as soft toned backdrops for engineered pier elements to cut across and anchor-in with surprising balance. Looking deeper within the work begins to expose a type of instructional guide for a utopian aesthetic. – Younsoo Kim Flynn

Each artist was also invited to talk more in depth about their work and artistic process. Learn more about Nathan Braunfeld, Jack Flynn, Sae Jun Kim and Everything is Collective (Aaron Hegert, Jason Lukas and Zachary Norman) in the video below: