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Sunday, August 22 from 11:30am - 4:00pm

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Our August programming will showcase the mural designed by Bob Faust and Faust, Ltd. delineating the Assembly Zones program, including architectural drawings and materials from the core project team, as well as materials received through the Your Turn campaign. Mural to remain in place through Sept 15, 2021. 

A listening station utilizing Mat Rappaport’s Range Mobile Lab will be set up throughout the day’s events. Copies of the new Bridge volume will be available for purchase, as well as “Your Turn” sticker campaign sticker sheets.

→ 11:30am Guided Mural Tour & Discussion ……… Tour of the mural panels and discussion of how they relate to the evolution of the Assembly Zones project, with commentary by the architects, writers, thinkers and others involved in its conception and realization. 

→ 12pm Bridge / LOCUS Readings ………………. Readings by poets and writers selected by Bridge in partnership with the LOCUS series, co-curated by Bridge and Whitney LaMora.

→ 1:15pm Movement Matters Symposium: The Uses of Art ……… A long-running Bridge program hosted by Michael Workman, the Movement Matters symposia series investigates work at the intersection of dance, performance, politics, policy and issues related to the body. The archive is available for viewing at 

This iteration of the Movement Matters series will focus on the role of art with utility or a service element, how this work can help agitate for necessary social and policy changes, and its wider role in the public sphere. As well, we will discuss how this relates to the Assembly Zones initiative and its proposed solutions, as well as the consequences of those in navigating public space.


Andrew Schachman, artist, and Executive, the Floating Museum,

Laurie Jo Reynolds, artist, Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2010 Soros Justice Fellow, and Coordinator, the Chicago 400 Alliance with

Leadership Members, the Chicago 400 Alliance, and

Amber Ginsburg, artist and Lecturer, Department of Visual Arts at the University of Chicago, and collaborator, the Tea Project.

Moderator: Michael Workman

→ 3pm Bridge Presents: Jazz Recommends with the Gregory Artry and Matt Ferguson Duo ……… A showcase of Chicago musicians, DJs and other talent recommended by those in the know. 


The Bridge / Assembly Zones program at the Evanston Art Center opened on June 19, 2021, and the below programs were held. Click through below to view video documentation of these programs. Videography courtesy Cameron Glavin.

This video clip includes a welcome to the opening events of Bridge / Assembly Zones at the Evanston Art Center by Michael Workman, Bridge President and Editor-in-chief of the Bridge Journal:

Movement Matters Artists Roundtable: Selections from the Journal …….. This long-running Bridge program hosted by Michael Workman, the Movement Matters symposia series investigates work at the intersection of dance, performance, politics, policy and issues related to the body.

This iteration of the Movement Matters series focuses on the themes of the Bridge Journal Volume 21, number 1. Artists and writers who edit the various sections from the Bridge Journal and their contributors will discuss how their work for the current volume relates to its overarching themes, including the role of artists around the world in agitating for democracy and social justice, the Assembly Zones initiative, and more.


Ionit Behar, Assistant Curator at the DePaul Art Museum, Doctoral Candidate in Art History at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and Lecturer in Art History, Theory, and Criticism at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago,

Michelle Kranicke, dance artist, founder of Zephyr Dance and co-founder of SITE/less Chicago,

Dianna Frid, artist and Associate Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago, art department,

David Sundry, artist, architect and co-founder of SITE/less Chicago.


Michael Workman

And finally, for fans of the Evanston Art Center interested in this program, who may not be able to visit, below is a link to view a video walkthrough of the Bob Faust and Faust Ltd.-designed Assembly Zones timeline mural:

Readings in partnership with the LOCUS series, curated by Whitney LaMora, were also presented and may be viewed in the readings archive section of the Bridge site. Copies of the Bridge Journal are available for purchase at the front desk, or you may subscribe to have it sent directly to your home at the Bridge site.