Virgil Robinson

Virgil has been teaching lost wax casting and metalsmithing for over 25 years.  He is also a retired principal of VA Robinson LTD, which fabricates sculptures and specially-designed metal products from bronze, aluminum, and stainless or carbon steel. His products and commissioned works are held in private collections throughout the United States and overseas.


  • University of Southwestern Louisiana - B.S.
  • Oxford - M.Div.
  • Loyola University-Chicago - M.P.S.
  • Oxford - Metalsmithing Studies


Jewelry and metalsmithing

Other interests and inspirations:


Virgil's teaching style:

He strives for students to explore and understand the why behind the procedures they employ.

Virgil loves EAC because . . .

He enjoys walking alongside students and encouraging them to explore and experience new and different creative artistic expressions.

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