Shelley Galloway

Shelley Galloway received an MA in Art History at Northwestern University.  She is a freelance floral designer.  Shelley has been a member of the Kenilworth Garden Club since 1993 and is currently serving as Floral Design Chair.  She is also a past President of the Club.  She is in the Garden Club of America Judging Program in Photography and received a Certificate of Merit in the Fine Arts Photography program at the Chicago Botanic Garden.  Shelley was awarded a Fenwick medal in Floral Design, at the 2011 Show of Summer and Best in Show at the SOS 2014.   She has also been a practitioner of Sogetsu Ikebana since 2001 and holds a Fourth Level Teaching Certificate. She is President of the Chicago Chapter of Ikebana International.  Shelley exhibits every year at the Chicago Botanic Garden as a member of the Sogetsu School and Ikebana International. She also teaches her floral arts when she sails on Semester at Sea.   She is currently studying European floral design in Tomas de Bruyne’s European Master Certification program.  

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