Paula Evans

Paula was born and raised in Chicago. Inspired by her high school Home Ec teacher and by watching her mom, Paula became passionate about baking at a young age. In 2007, she made a long-term dream come true, starting her baking and catering business which provided desserts and breakfast pastries to retail, corporate and wholesale clients in Evanston and Chicago. Eight years later, Paula transitioned to teaching and inspiring adults and children to bake from scratch, with an emphasis on creating baked goods that look as good as they taste.


Roosevelt University – Majored in Accounting and Management Information Systems


Butter, sugar, flour, eggs, and a pastry bag filled with icing.

Areas of focus:

Decorated cookies, cupcakes, and cakes

Other interests and inspirations:

Cooking, baking, reading, crafting, watching movies and flipping through an extensive library of cookbooks.

Paula's teaching style:

Patient, motivating, creative and caring. From the first "hello", Paula focuses on creating a safe and friendly class environment that inspires students to do their best, while encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone and try new techniques.

Paula loves EAC because . . .

It makes learning about and/or pursuing artistic expression affordable and accessible to all.

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