Paul Berg

Paul is an award-winning photographer and educator/lecturer based in Chicago. His photographs have appeared in annual reports, magazines, and books and have been featured in numerous exhibitions. During his career, Paul has photographed many luminaries including Julie Andrews, Barbara Bush, and Barack Obama.


Columbia College - B.A.


Photography, collage, printmaking

Areas of Focus:



Other interests and inspirations:

In addition to photography, Paul also enjoys playing classical piano, practicing yoga and traveling the world. His inspirations come from exploring different cultures, collaborating with other artists and spending time in nature.

Paul's teaching style:

He emphasizes to his students to get out of their comfort zones and stretch their boundaries, learning new techniques in the process. He values authenticity, taking a unique approach to creating works of art. His unique experience and knowledge from over twenty years working as a professional photographer and artist set him apart as a teacher.

Paul loves EAC because . . .

He enjoys working with the students, meeting other instructors, and being part of a vibrant artistic community. The EAC experience is unique because of the caliber of its instructors, variety of class offerings, modern facilities, and outstanding programs and exhibits.

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