Ken Minami

Ken is a representational oil painter who composes figurative and still life paintings.  He teaches and exhibits his paintings locally and nationally.


Ingbretson Studio, Boston, MA - studied painting in the manner of 19th century French Academy training


Drawing, pastel, oil paint

Areas of focus:

Landscape painting and drawing


Exhibition highlights:

  • "Sense of Place," Elmhurst Art Museum, Elmhurst, IL - 2016
  • "The Art of the Kitchen," Lillstreet Art Gallery, Chicago, IL - 2018
  • "Sense of Place Here," Galuadet Gallery, Eau Claire, WI - 2018

Other interests and inspirations:

Music, cooking

Ken's teaching style:

He presents a conceptualization of the problems that arise in painting and guides students to solve them according to the levels they are working at.  He encourages students to break down the visual world into colored tones and coordinate these tones in terms of values, hues, and edges.

Ken loves EAC because . . .

He enjoys the unique experience of having students in his classes for several years and watching their development. The sense of community at the art center comes from the many returning students who form lasting friendships.


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