Jim Signorelli


My love affair with photography began when, at 10 years old, I found a Kodak Brownie Camera under our Christmas Tree. Since then, my fascination with photography has steadily grown as developments in equipment and processing functionalities continue to multiply. Now, after 40 years at major advertising agencies in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, I have the luxury of time to cultivate and share my passion for this fine art.


B.A. , M.A. Michigan State University



Areas of Focus

Composition and image processing



Other Interests and Aspirations

Tennis, Pickleball, Travel

Publication Highlights

2 Best-Selling, Award-Winning books on Branding

Jim's teaching style

Anyone attempting to use Photoshop knows there is so much to know and remember. For this reason, Jim provides how-to slides in every class for students to refer back to, long after classes have ended. Jim likes to keep classes informal, participatory, and fun.

Jim loves the EAC because...

it's a collaborative community where aspiring and highly skilled artists help and inspire each other.

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