Gina J. Grillo

MFA from Columbia College in Photography, BS in Business and Marketing from Eastern Illinois University. Grillo currently teaches photography at Columbia Collge and the Evanston Art Center. Past appointments include Northwestern University, Loyola University, and the University of Chicago.


Gina J. Grillo is an artist, writer, photographer, and teacher, based in Chicago, Author of “Between Cultures: Children of Immigrants in America,” (winner of the International Sister Cities Multicultural Book Award) and contributing photographer on book monographs, “Where Photography & Geography Meet” and “The Spirit of Family.”   Grillo is a regular contributing writer/photographer for Shore Magazine, and for arts and culture sections of the Chicago Tribune (Local).  Adjunct Professor of Photography, in the School of Visual and Performing Arts, and First Year Seminar, cross-disciplinary media arts programs of Columbia College Chicago.  Innovator of international arts workshops in Italy, i.e.,  “Photographing Across Cultural Borders in Rome,” and “Renewing Your Creative Spirit in Tuscany.”  Gina is also working on the first draft of her first novel.

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