Devin Mawdsley

Devin Mawdsley is a multimedia artist for whom collage plays a central role in image-making and composition. Devin earned his BA in Chinese at the College of William and Mary and went on to earn MFA in Studio Painting at the Hope School of Fine Arts at Indiana University in 2011. He has received several fellowships as well as qualifying as a finalist for the Jean Claude Reynal grant. He has also taken part in several residencies, most recently working on a body of collage-based large format photographs at ACRE Residency. In addition to exhibition, his works are housed in collections both public and private, including the president's collection at the College of William and Mary and the Art in Embassies collection of the Department of State. Since moving to Chicago in 2011 Devin has continued to develop original curricula and teach Fundamental Drawing and Drawing 2 conservatory courses at The Chicago High School for the Arts. In addition to teaching Drawing 1 at Indiana University, Devin has also led National Geographic Student Expeditions in China, instructing students in digital photography. Most recently, he taught a surrealist games workshop at the Evanston Art Center, entitled Rub, Burn, Cut, Paint: Surrealist Games. In addition to maintaining a painting practice, he is currently working on several graphic novel projects.

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