Bob Danon

The Danon Gallery has one of the most interesting, diverse and eclectic art collections on the North Shore. From antique watercolors and oils to contemporary, limited edition serigraphs and Giclee prints. From metal sculpture to beautiful fiber art wall hangings by internationally collected, fiber artist, Carmon Slater. And then of course there is a 40-year history of creative, custom picture framing for both residential and corporate environments.

For 40 years, The Danon Gallery of Evanston (formerly of Wilmette, Colorado and Chicago) has continued to bring quality and service not just to the Chicago area, but to homes, restaurants, offices and hospitals around the country. Bob Danon, owner and operator of The Danon Gallery is personally involved in every project that crosses his desk and worktable. In both “Residential and Corporate” environments, The Danon Gallery continues to excel in the design and creation of affordably priced fine art and creative, custom picture framing.

Services and products available at The Danon Gallery: Creative Custom Picture Framing, Fine Art – Originals & Limited Editions, Poster Art, Mirrors, Shadow-boxes, Plexi-boxes, Mounting up to 4′ x 8′, (and larger) Repairs & Installations, Packing and Shipping, Local Pickups and Deliveries

The Danon Gallery

1810 Central Street
Evanston, IL 60201
Cell #: 847-899-7758
In the heart of Central Street East... The other side of the tracks.
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