Andrew Camardella

Andrew has a diverse design background stemming from his passion to understand "how stuff works." He is a design and fabrication consultant for clients ranging from start-ups and established companies to artists and independent inventors. His knowledge of the product development process and a variety of digital tools allows him to translate concepts, 3D models, prototypes, and products between the physical and digital world.


Virginia Tech ÔÇô B.S. in Industrial Design


3D printing, laser cutting, graphic art, plastics, wood, metals

Areas of focus:

Digital fabrication, minimalism, constructivism, modernism, designed objects


Other interests and inspirations:

Andrew is interested in the role design plays within our daily interactions and is inspired by the journey of solving problems.

AndrewÔÇÖs teaching style:

He derives joy from teaching others how to use design principles and tools to improve their interactions with the world and how getting a better understanding of how everyday things are made can provide people with a greater sense of agency. Students will be introduced to new and complex software and equipment with the goal of learning, not just to use the basics, but to ask good questions and develop an intuition for the tools and materials interacted with.

Andrew loves EAC because . . .

He enjoys curating a particular experience for students that allows them to continue to cultivate their interest in and explore the context of digital tools and fabrication equipment.

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Andrew Camardella