Amber Frances Johnson

Amber enjoys long walks and road trips across the country and has been working with clay for the past 10 years. After receiving her degree, she began sharing her passion for clay through teaching.


Biola University - B.F.A.


Ceramics, sculpture, drawing, painting, printmaking

Areas of focus:

Ceramics and sculpture


Other interests and inspirations:

Notebook paper, plants, the world of science fiction & fantasy, the Southwest

Amber's teaching style:

Her focus in teaching is to empower her students to explore and use their imaginations to create. Every lesson is a collaboration between herself, her students, and the materials they are working with. Together they work to find ways to go further with their imaginative discoveries. She is passionate about how art is a tool to communicate and share ideas, jokes, and new perspectives.

Amber loves EAC because . . .

We're all here because we love to make art! Being able to encourage each other and share our knowledge is powerful.

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