Alex Dahm

Alex is a cartoonist, performance artist, and teacher. They love translating stories from their daily life into strange diagrams, tactile comics, and audience interactive experiences.


The School of the Art Institute ÔÇô B.F.A.


Pencil, ink, collage, performance, sculpture, oil painting

Areas of focus:

Comics, illustration, storytelling, artistÔÇÖs books, conceptual art


Exhibition highlights:

  • ÔÇ£No Bad Days,ÔÇØ Oomphotography, Chicago, IL ÔÇô 2018
  • ÔÇ£Grood ACTual Show 7,ÔÇØ Canvas, Chicago, IL ÔÇô 2017
  • ÔÇ£Anything That Loves,ÔÇØ Studio 180, Ontario, Canada ÔÇô 2014
  • ÔÇ£Superheroines,ÔÇØ Werkspace, Chicago, IL ÔÇô 2014
  • ÔÇ£Sun Protection Factor,ÔÇØ North Branch Projects, Chicago, IL ÔÇô 2014

Other interests and inspirations:

Theatre, dance, entomology, videogames

Publication highlights:

  • Anything That Loves, pub. Northwest Press
  • Cicada Magazine
  • TruthOut

AlexÔÇÖs teaching style:

Alex is passionate about teaching students different ways to express their ideas, explore their identities, and build community through art. No story is too small ÔÇô there is power in letting your voice be heard!

Alex loves EAC because . . .

It offers a unique selection of classes that youÔÇÖre unlikely to find anywhere else. No interest is too obscure for EAC ÔÇô if youÔÇÖre excited about it, you can take a class in it here!

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