Alex Dahm

Alex is a cartoonist, performance artist, and teacher. They love translating stories from their daily life into strange diagrams, tactile comics, and audience interactive experiences.


The School of the Art Institute – B.F.A.


Pencil, ink, collage, performance, sculpture, oil painting

Areas of focus:

Comics, illustration, storytelling, artist’s books, conceptual art


Exhibition highlights:

  • “No Bad Days,” Oomphotography, Chicago, IL – 2018
  • “Grood ACTual Show 7,” Canvas, Chicago, IL – 2017
  • “Anything That Loves,” Studio 180, Ontario, Canada – 2014
  • “Superheroines,” Werkspace, Chicago, IL – 2014
  • “Sun Protection Factor,” North Branch Projects, Chicago, IL – 2014

Other interests and inspirations:

Theatre, dance, entomology, videogames

Publication highlights:

  • Anything That Loves, pub. Northwest Press
  • Cicada Magazine
  • TruthOut

Alex’s teaching style:

Alex is passionate about teaching students different ways to express their ideas, explore their identities, and build community through art. No story is too small – there is power in letting your voice be heard!

Alex loves EAC because . . .

It offers a unique selection of classes that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else. No interest is too obscure for EAC – if you’re excited about it, you can take a class in it here!

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