2023-2024 Teen Board Mural

Teen Board Mural

E.A.Sea was created by the 2023-24 Evanston Art Center Teen Board Members 

Cat Bisgrove, Madison Greer, Joseph Gurdak, Sophia Huang, Ash Munson, Ella Sheldon, Gabriel Thompson, Vivienne Waite and Grace Wise

“E.A.Sea is inspired by our childhood nostalgia, stories of sea creatures, and aquatic whimsy. The mural is filled with characters and stories, leaning into a chaotic, maximalist, and, most importantly, fun-filled aesthetic. We invite the Evanston Art Center community to engage with and be inspired by this mural's lively and whimsical nature. 

Over four months, we collaborated to draft, design, and craft a lively aquatic scene. Each Teen Board member designed and incorporated characters into the painting to unify it. With everyone’s helping fins, we created a composition to mimic the depth of an ocean’s ecosystem. When walking down the staircase, the viewer submerges themselves into the mural.

With this piece, we intend to amuse and inspire young artists, showing them how exciting creating art can be. The finished work can be enjoyed by all ages and artists alike. Through its ex-squid-site, bright colors, and fun stylistic liberties, E.A.Sea aims to offer a lighthearted visual experience that reminds viewers of the beauty and importance of nature, particularly the ocean and its amusing, friendly inhabitants.” 
E.A.Sea is on view in our North Stairwell Gallery.