No traditional art supplies? No problem! 

Check out these art projects for kids of all ages using household materials.

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Color your own virtual garden designed by EAC Instructor Lyndsay Murphree. Tag us on social media using #EACVirtualGarden! 

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Complete this 5 Things Sketchbook Journaling Prompt Page created by EAC Instructor Anne Leuck. Share your 5 things on social media, and tag #5ThingsToday!

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Collage with Annie Zirin!


Engaging Art Resources shared by EAC Instructor Steve Juras

Art 21 

A fabulous resource for learning about new artists

Richard Tuttle 

If you're interested in a single and singular artist, see the work of Richard Tuttle. He's a master of the philosophical, spiritual and material. A good, calming voice for today.

A Brief History of Comedy in Art 

Appropriate and needed 

2500 Virtual Museum Tours 

From the renaissance to the modern to the contemporary