"Elevated" by Gary Orlinsky

Our 2011-2012 Sculpture on the Grounds project, “Elevated” conceptually addresses the provocative dialogue between nature and built space that the Evanston Art Center’s ivy-covered building has with Lake Michigan. Visually, with its girder-like supports and elevated mass, the work powerfully references Chicagoland’s most iconic built structures, the “El”.  Artist Gary Orlinsky will install "Elevated" the week of July 11 with an opening reception scheduled for Sunday, July 17. We hope you'll stop by to meet Orlinsky while he is on site.

“Elevated” will consist of a series of parallel, attached hoops that will have a central core of bundled reeds zigzagging through the length of the structure. The reeds are enclosed and sheltered within the sculptural form, but at the same time they expressly extend beyond the frame. The piece as a whole implies rapid movement, as if captured in a blurred photograph, while at the same time the contrast between materials encourages close contemplation.

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