Sarah Kaiser’s piece titled Quite a Pair represents a pair of pears laid down among an undefined horizontal and threw to an infinite sky characterized by weightless clouds.

This painting is principally an oil painter, and the jewel-like colors in the work were made by a glazing technique.

It’s brightness is build up by transparent veils of color and a deep plasticism is reached trough the clearness and well defined profile of the subjects.

The structured sinuosity of the basic pears hinders the thin horizontal line in order to create a multidimensional layers and a progressive surreal sensation made by still life and warm landscape.

Viewers, with an high empathy, embrace the peaceful and serenity of the atmosphere identify themselves with the pears  that enjoy the apparent harmony of the place that seems to be threaten by the unstable clouds color.

The quiet simplicity and the nature of composure explained by the subjects reminisce the silently and well framed still life of the Italian painter Giorgio Morandi, in which the minimalism has the control of the entire forms and canvas.

The choice and the itemized portrayal of the fruits, sky and clouds adhere to Magritte’s philosophy of realistic objects covered by imagination and a symbolism language that reach a surrealism artistic sense.

In Sarah Kaiser’s work the covering colors highlight the static nature of the landscape that seeks to open up in direction of the profound blue sky.

The painting is on linen canvas that is mounted on wood. It's frame is wooden and it's painted a matte black. The painting is also varnished to protect it from dust and damage.

-Giulia Motti

(bottom image: Sarah Kaiser, Quite a Pair, 2016)

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