Mollie Morris

Mollie is a ceramic artist with a passion for teaching and educating students about art. She has a creative spirit and energy that radiates when she is teaching students and engages her students to use their art as an expression of the things they love. She currently lives in Evanston with her puppy Maisy Moo and you can find her art locally at Cultivate in Evanston.


The School of the Art Institute of Chicago - M.A. in Art Therapy and Counseling


Ceramic sculpture, mixed media

Areas of focus:

Hand-built porcelain slabs, wheel thrown functional ware, altered ceramics


Other interests and inspirations:

Plants, nature, landscapes, other artists

Mollie's teaching style:

She encourages students to work from their own inspiration. She values diversity in art and encourages her students to challenge themselves further in her classes.

Mollie loves EAC because . . .

Offering one of the center's first adaptive ceramic art classes is one of the major highlights of teaching art at the center.  Additionally, she enjoys having students come back to her classes and seeing their growth as artists. Year after year, Mollie has been able to see so many young and talented artists develop their skills and that is something she enjoys as a teacher.

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