John Fleck

John is an artist, teacher, and author based in Skokie. He began his artistic career as an illustrator for children's educational publishing. He currently focuses on fine art through drawing, painting, and teaching, and he finds his inspiration in the natural world.


Columbia College-Chicago - B.F.A.


Oil and acrylic paint, gouache, pen and ink, pencil, charcoal, markers

Areas of focus:

Realism painting


Other interests and inspirations:


Publication highlights:

"The Benefits of (and Strategies for) a Reduced Palette," Artists on Art Magazine - March/April 2018

John's teaching style:

He has gained a lot of knowledge from classes at EAC and wants his students to benefit as much as possible when in one of his classes. He is always learning too and sees the process as a shared journey of discovery.

John loves EAC because . . .

He enjoys talking about and making art. The questions that students ask are eye-opening and allow for a more diverse experience. The discipline of having to teach and explain concepts allows for him to grow with the students.

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painting of a gourd
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