Cheryl Steiger

Cheryl is a Chicago area artist and teacher. She grew up in Riverwoods, IL and studied fine art and commercial art at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, IL. In 1979 she became a freelance illustrator, and in addition to her commercial and fine art work she has been teaching art for the past 27 years at many Chicagoland institutions, including The Art Center of Highland Park, the Evanston Art Center and Edgebrook Chicago Public School. She shows her fine art locally and nationally.


American Academy of Art – A.A. in Commercial and Fine Art


Charcoal, printing, painting, sculpture, batik

Areas of focus:

Fine art painting, batik, realistic and abstract monotype printing, commercial illustration and design


Exhibition highlights:

“Cool Globes: Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planter,” Chicago Public Art Project, Chicago, IL – 2007

Other interests and inspirations:

Hiking, canoeing, camping, travel, theater, dance

Publication highlights:

“Cool Globes,” East on Central

Cheryl’s teaching style:

She places a high level of emphasis on technique, basic skills, and self-expression. Her students are able to render art very skillfully and visually express their ideas in a relatively short time. Students can tap into her 40 years of experience as a commercial and fine artist.

Cheryl loves EAC because . . .

She gets an opportunity to share the tools to enable anyone to be able to successfully execute their own art.

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