What Would Mondrian Do?

EAC students create works of art that show amanzing accomplishment and talent. Currently on view in our Studio Gallery located on the 2nd floor are abstract paintings by the students in EAC faculty member Katherine Hilden's class. The title of Hilden's class is "What Would Mondrian Do?" This particular class, taught in our studio, evolved from an earlier painting class of Hilden'ts that took place 'en plein air' - outside on the grounds of the Art Center; it's title was "Impressions of the Landscape."

Students working in acrylic or oil learn about how color, value, shape, line, and weight can come together to create a mood or an impression with tension and rhythm.

Please stop by the 2nd floor gallery before October 27 to see the paintings by students Harold Bauer, Bruce Hatton Boyer, Patty Cohen, Lauren Myers-Hinkle, and Lorna Grothe Shawver.


Image: Lorna Grothe Shawver.

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