Trotter Alexander, Michele Thrane

On view: September 14 – October 6, 2024

Header image for Trotter Alexander and Michele Thrane exhibition, featuring "When The Blue People Come" by Alexander on the left and "Axion Clouds #2" by Michele Thrane


Chicago-based artist/muralist/Brand owner; Trotter Alexander creates bodies of work representing an introspective of his state of mind, racial identity, insanity, socio-political issues, and his personal inspirations - insinuating a fresher artistic perspective on these topics for an audience to consume. Trotter consistently utilizes his artistic influences and twists them for his own narrative-driven pieces. Throughout his portfolio, there are consistent doodle and spray motifs within every piece produced. Trotter uses a plethora of different mediums; Acrylics, Spray Paint, Oils, Oil pastels, Marker & Paint Markers as tools to help further advance his artistic narrative. Trotter’s works constantly challenge an established idea or understanding of something by recontextualizing the subject for the world to see.

Growing up ever since he was young, Chicago-based artist Trotter Alexander turned to drawing and doodling as the only form of his catharsis; Art gave him the power to create a world outside of the one he was living in. As he further honed his craft, his habit of drawing soon turned into his passion. And he wanted to direct his artistic visions to the world. Alexander felt as if his voice wasn't heard as a kid, so he wanted to make a new voice through art because that was how he best expressed himself. His works addresses topics such as drug use, depression, infatuation, self-hate/love, racial identity, existentialism, and insanity. 


I am primarily a printmaker and mixed media artist. In my current work I use pigmented beeswax on a specialized heated aluminum plate to create my encaustic monotypes. The monotypes are sometimes cut, reconfigured and “stitched” together with staples to create wall sculptures. Some of my monotypes are mounted on panels or framed for display.

I practice a form of “asemic writing” which is a kind of invented calligraphy. My work features seeming-symbols that evoke real letters, musical notations and sometimes, scientific equations.  These seeming-symbols are gestural abstractions that invite the viewer to project a variety of meanings into the work.

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This exhibition will be held in the First Floor Gallery of the Evanston Art Center (EAC). Masks are optional but strongly recommended for students, visitors and staff.

Gallery Hours

Monday–Thursday: 9am–6pm

Friday: 9am–5pm

Saturday–Sunday: 9am–4pm


Artwork sale proceeds benefit both the artist and the Evanston Art Center. If you are interested in purchasing artwork on display, please contact Emma Rose Gudewicz, Director of Development and Exhibition Manager, at [email protected] or (847) 475-5300 x 102.

This project is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency and EAC's general membership.

Artwork Pictured (L to R): Trotter Alexander, When The Blue People Come; Michele Thrane, Axion Clouds #2