Materiality and the Layered (eye)

Curated by Marilyn Propp

April 24 – May 29, 2016


Each of the artists chosen by curator Marilyn Propp utilizes the transformative power of collage, an accumulation of material and appropriated and altered imagery, to create juxtapositions and layers of meaning and experience. Phyllis Bramson, Aimee Beaubien, Sandra Perlow, Miriam Schaer, and Douglas Stapleton create works that are densely layered and built, with suggestive narratives or embellished abstraction, and each references the body in his/her work, invoking myth, memory and the pleasure of the material. They present the viewer with their personal vision: intimations of pleasure and the fullness of life, of the darker sides of our human experience, or of social and political implications of gender.



Opening Reception
Sunday, April 24, 2016, 1-4 pm


Artist Panel

The Layered (eye): Materiality and Transformation

Sunday, May 1, 1 – 3pm


Lecture with curator Marilyn Propp

The History of Collage as Social, Political, and Personal Expression

Thursday, May 26, 7 – 8pm.


Cover Artwork (from left to right): Phyllis Bramson, Aimee Beaubien, Miriam Schaer, 
Douglas Stapleton, and Sandra Perlow


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