January 5 - February 9, 2019

Opening Reception: Sunday, January 13, 1 - 4pm

The Evanston Art Center is excited to announce the biennial EAC Studio Exhibition! This eagerly anticipated event will showcase artwork by students of all ages in the departments of Ceramics, Digital Arts, Painting and Drawing, Figure Sculpture, Jewelry and Metalsmithing, Photography, Printmaking and Woodworking. Students of all skill levels, from beginning to professional, will present work in a wide range of media and processes created at the Evanston Art Center. 

The student body at the Evanston Art Center ranges from first-time beginners to experienced artists. Many EAC students are already professional artists or have gallery representation, but take classes at the Art Center in order to explore new media and techniques, have regular access to figure models and to benefit from peer interaction with other artists. 

CLICK HERE to read more about this upcoming exhibition in the Chicago Tribune.



Melodies on Canvas

Concert & Reception: Sunday, January 20, 1:30 - 3pm

The Evanston Art Center (EAC) is excited to collaborate with students from the Academy of the Music Institute of Chicago (MIC) to create a series of four musical performances inspired by four pieces of artwork on display in the 2019 EAC Studio Exhibition. Each string quartet will perform in the EAC First Floor Gallery in front of the artwork that inspired the piece.

Featured artwork includes Cataclysm by Anne Kauff, Good Ol' Charlie Brown by Reece Pekin (Age 10), Flight by Elizabeth O'Connor Bolich and Lake Michigan Sunset by Leah Durst.

Participating MIC Students include Nova String Quartet (Irina Casasnovas, violin; John Heo, violin; Zechary Mo, viola; Cameron Chiu, cello), Fiero String Quartet (Isabella Brown, violin; Kaylin Liu, violin; Elena Galentas, viola; Alon Hayut, cello) and Xena String Quartet (Claire Arias-Kim, violin; Noelle Naito, violin; Isabel Chen, viola; Camille Toubol, cello)



Allyson Cellini

Amie Svec

Amy Stoll

Anne Bernard-Pattis

Anne Kauff

Anne Sills

Audrey Barrett

Barbara Sittler

Benjamin Durst

Bonnie Katz

Bonnie Sarkett

Bonnie Wanzo

Bruce Boyer

Caryl Carlsen

Charlene Moy

Cherie Kerzee-Stames

Christel Lembke

Cynthia Thomas

Dan Goffman

David Roberts

Dawn Heid

Debbie Shore

Debra Favre

Denise Hart

Devin Bell

Edward Abraham

Elizabeth O'Connor Bolich

Emily Thai-Young

Erdmut Lerner

Eric Kraybill

Gordon Wood

Harold Bauer

Harvey Choldin

Jamie Kost

Janet Eisenberg

Janice Fleckman

Jeanette Imbus

Jennifer Linton

Jim McHolland

Joan McLane

John Kirscher

John Twohey

Jon Dutcher

Judith Edelman

Judith Terrizzi

Julia Cunningham

Julie Feldy

Larry Geni

Lauren Agostini

Laurie Danch

Leah Durst

Lee Oberlander

Leslie Riley

Liesbeth Jonkind Fickes

Lilian Dicrescenzo

Linny Freeman

Lisa Loomis

Lucia Miller

Lucille Herman

Luisa Trujillo

Lydia Murman

Marcia Zuckerman

Margaret Sents

Marianna Beck

Mark Hudson

Mark Tendam

Martina Keller

Mary Connolly

MaryPat Garr

Melton Bentley

Michelle Rupprecht

Mike Dillon

Nancy Rosen

Nancy Solar

Naomi Pollak

Paula Shapiro

Philip Tesinsky

Piotr Antonow

Rachel Dos├®

Reece Pekin

Robyn Hurtig

Roslyn Broder

Samantha Younis

Samantha Mudd

Sandra Belford

Sara Schastok

Shana Bernstein

Sheila Cahnman

Sheri Ross

Silvia Gimbutas

Sofia Ansaldo

Stacey Foisy

Stasia Powers

Stephanie Riger

Sueko Kawamura

Susan Bennett

Sylvia Kerpel

Tomoko Yamaguchi

Veronica Sax

William Anders

Zachary Rybacki